Strategic Thinking

Strategic Thinking is the multi-disciplinary approach to optimising your performance in business, learning and daily life. Whether you are looking to improve your time management, optimise your learning or simply looking to improve general performance on a daily basis, this course teaches you the skills required to excel in preparation, planning and implementation.


Your lecturer is...

Cindy Laromiguiere obtained her undergraduate diploma in Marketing in 2018. In correlation with her PhD (ongoing) she has been working for Apple Inc for the past five years and recently for a French company which specialises in recruiting abroad. Her research is situated in the field of Marketing and Education, with particular focus on exploring the student learning experience in the 3rd level Irish education system. More specifically, the research aims to determine the dominant factors that have both positive and negative effects on students’ academic performance. At Renaissance Academy, Cindy is lecturing in Languages; including French and Spanish; as well as Digital Studies, Strategic Thinking and Technology.

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What you can expect to learn

This course gives our members the opportunity to optimise their performance through finetuning analytical, critical and collaborative thinking skills.

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