Poetry and Creative Writing

What Will I Learn in Poetry and Creative Writing at Renaissance Academy?


The aim of this course is to introduce our members to creative writing by learning how to write poetry, short stories and personal essays.

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Week 1 - What is a Poem? Structure and Rhyme
Week 2 - Reading Poetry: A Guide
Week 3 - Writing Poetry, Part 2: Putting it all together
Week 4 - Discussing your Poetry: Embracing the Poetic Voice
Week 5 - The Short Story: Learning from the Classics
Week 6 - The Short Story: How to get started
Week 7 - The Short Story: How to create a gripping plot
Week 8 - The Short Story: Putting it all together
Week 9 - Personal Essay: How to get Started
Week 10 - Personal Essay: Reflecting on Life
Week 11 - Personal Writing Progression: The Memoir
Week 12 - Guest Speaker: Learning from a Life in Writing

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