This course examines the history of photography and the work of some of the world’s greatest photographers. This course will introduce members to the essential skills and knowledge needed for creating stunning images -basic camera settings, composition, portraiture, landscape, Black & White, lens choice, Lighting and Photo Manipulation, Class sessions will also include debate around issues pertaining to the world of photography.


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Adrian Heffernan is a Wicklow based photographer with many years of experience in the industry. Adrian is a graduate of Griffith College Dublin with a Diploma in Photographic Media (distinction and highest academic achiever). Adrian was also shortlisted for Oxygen News Photographer of the Year 2008 and was one of the Hot Press / HTC Photojournalist Competition finalists in 2012.Specializing in portraiture, both environmental and studio, Adrian’s images have been published nationally and internationally. Recently Adrian has become passionate about teaching, developing and delivering a range of photography classes. Over the past five years Adrian has delivered an eight-week course “A beginners guide to Photography ''at Bray Institute of Further Education. Last year Adrian graduated with a QQI Level 6 in Training Delivery and Evaluation & Training Needs Identification and Design.

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What you can expect to learn

What Makes Photography at Renaissance Academy Unique?
This course provides hands-on, professional guidance in compiling your personal portfolio, drawing from life experience...
Week 1 - The Camera - We will learn about how to control the light entering the camera using Aperture, Shutter and ISO. In this class, we will also explain exposure, How to use your light meter - different metering modes and the histogram.
Week 2 - Finding Vivian Maier - In this class session we look at how some of the finest street photography ever taken was discovered in a junk sale in Boston and we look at the eccentric woman who created it.
Week 3 - Composition - In this class, we will look at the rules of Composition - The rule of thirds, leading lines, The golden ratio, Positive & negative space, repeated patterns, We will see how these tools can help us create strong frames in which to tell our story.
Week 4 - Landscape - On the face of it Landscape photography seems like a very straight forward practice, jump in your car and go to the local beauty spot and shoot a few pictures, However, once you have tried this a few times you will soon realize there is a lot more to it than that. In this class, we will look at the tips and tricks for landscape photographers
Week 5 - Black & White & Photo assignments - photography was born in monochrome and yet almost a hundred and eighty years later black & white photography is still very popular. Let’s look at the magic of monochrome. Students will have the opportunity to choose one of four assignments due on the last class - This allows students to focus on a body of work on a set theme.
Week 6 - Lighting - Natural and artificial light - In this class, we will look at manipulating natural light with reflectors, diffusion and negative fill. We will also look at artificial light sources like flash / led their advantages and disadvantages.
Week 7 - Photoshop or the Manipulative impulse - In this class we look at the need to manipulate images - Is this only a modern phenomenon or is it as old as the medium itself. The reasons why we alter images and the potential consequences of misrepresenting the world around us. We will also look at photoshop and its tools from the very basic levels and saturation to removing objects with the clone stamp.
Week 8 - Portfolio Preparation: Printing your Images
Week 9 - Portfolio Preparation: Reviewing your Photos
Week 10 - Portfolio Presentation
Week 11 - Photography and Art: Aesthetics in Photography
Week 12 - Capturing Life in Photography

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