This course gives our members the opportunity to explore the exciting world of Philosophy; asking key questions about the nature of life and the world around us; by examining key thinkers and key texts from the Ancient Greeks to Postmodernism. Our members will engage in discussion about how Philosophy has impacted their lives personally, socially and culturally. Approaching Philosophy from a range of disciplines including Art, Film and Literature, this course is the perfect complement to all members interested in other courses provided in the Arts and Humanities Strand.


Your lecturer is...

Ruairi Meyler graduated from Trinity College Dublin in October 2020 with a First Class Distinction M.Phil in Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Studies. Ruairi Co-authored the post primary Religious Education textbook A Little Bit of Christianity and has been a prominent Student Ambassador with Trinity College Dublin.

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What you can expect to learn

This course introduces our members to key philosophical ideas and thinkers from the Ancient Greeks to Postmodernism. Members develop analytical skills, alongside specific persuasive writing and critical thinking skills.

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