This course aims to immerse our members in conversational language for Italian, building on introductory topics towards discussion about current affairs. Building skills across a range of media, including audio-visual content, spoken role plays and written exercises, Modern Languages is the perfect course for our members to learn a new language with like-minded learners


Your lecturer is...

Dr Chiara Buldorini is an Italian Language instructor with over 15 years of experience teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced Italian to adult learners. Chiara is also a lecturer in Medieval European History and a certified examiner for CELI (European Certificate Italian Language, University of Perugia, Italy).

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What you can expect to learn

Week 1 - Introducing Yourself: What is Your Name? Where are You From? One Interesting Fact about Yourself
Week 2 - Talking about your Hobbies: What do you like to Do?
Week 3 - Discussing your Likes and Dislikes: Adjectives and Superlatives
Week 4 - Asking for Directions: Finding your Way Around
Week 5 - At a Restaurant: Ordering Food, Making Requests and Role Play
Week 6 - Going to the Shops: Asking for a Refund, Requesting an Item, Role Play
Week 7 - Visiting the Doctor: Describing a Pain, Making an Appointment
Week 8 - Italian Cooking, Part 1: Buono Appetito!
Week 9 - Italian Cooking, Part 2: Tastes of Italy
Week 10 - Italian Art History, Part 1: The Renaissance
Week 11 - Italian Art History, Part 2: Gallery Tour
Week 12 - Creative Writing in Italian: The Diary Entry

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