Charity and Philanthropy

Charity and Philanthropy explores the positive impact of charitable work on local communities and teaches the skills required to do charitable work


Your lecturer is...

Michael McEvoy is a Lecturer in Marketing with over 20 years of industry and teaching experience. Michael specializes in presentation and communication skills. Michael takes pride in helping students tap into their life experience when speaking to an audience. Michael’s Charity and Philanthropy course is ideal for any of our members looking tap into his experience with NGOs and his marketing expertise to embark on charitable work in their local communities.

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What you can expect to learn

By the end of this course members will know how to

• Promote local events in aid of charities.
• Identify and discuss the barriers to charitable work in their local communities.
• Write a reflective journal detailing how awareness of the impact of charitable work has impacted on their lived experience.

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