Art is the expression of an idea, concept, or experience through a visual object using skill and imagination. Also known as visual art, it encompasses a range of media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing skills.

Our course is focused on Art through lived experience. Our members enjoy the unique opportunity to learn in a relaxed social setting and experience Art in a cultural context through Renaissance Academy’s exclusive Course Excursions.


Your lecturer is...

Dublin-born Joe Harrison is one of Ireland’s fore-most contemporary artists, whose works have been exhibited in many public institutions, art galleries and private collections. He has extensive proficiency in teaching art and over twenty years' experience in the teaching of English Language to Irish and overseas students. Joe is also a skilled muralist, with over 20 years of experience in creating murals for schools throughout Dublin.

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What you can expect to learn

By the end of this course members will know how to

•Draw Portrait and Landscape pictures with pencil and charcoal, using techniques including contouring, shading, and highlighting
•Paint portrait and landscape pictures using techniques including gradients and colour blending, layering, and lifting colour.
•Design and paint a mural to scale.

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