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Digital studies This course gives our members the opportunity to develop skills across a wide range of digital platforms, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Google Suite. The course also enables our members to transfer these skills over to mobile platforms, learning the equivalent functions via mobile applications Week 1 Plenary Session: What do we use Technology for? Week 2 Barriers to Exploration: What prevents you from using Technology? Week 3 Your Desktop/Laptop: Understanding the Hardware Week 4 Your Desktop/Laptop: Understanding the Software Week 5 Your Email: What to Do and What Not to Do Week 6 Viruses: What Are They and How to we Avoid Them Week 7 Back it Up: How to Save and Delete Files Across Platforms Week 8 Back it Up: How to Save and Delete Files Across Platforms Week 9 Software Updates: What are they? Week 10 Navigating the World Wide Web: How to Optimize Your Web Search Week 11 Technology and Photography: How to create an online Portfolio Week 12 Technology as a Platform for Continuous Learning

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Graham Byrne
Graham Byrne

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