At Renaissance Academy we strive to provide those 50s and over with an opportunity to pursue high quality continued learning courses, with like-minded people via our Live Online Lifelong Learning membership that includes multiple courses in Arts & Humanities, Health & Longevity, Languages & Personal Development.

We want to offer everyone the opportunity to learn new skill sets, languages, and hobbies, coupled with fun virtual social events. Our courses are delivered by qualified lecturers and industry experts.

Uniquely to Renaissance Academy, members attending the online classes can ask questions, interact with other members, and learn at their own pace. 


All live classes are recorded and available for viewing within 24 hours.  Our monthly memberships cater to full year studies or drop in/drop out courses. 

Life begins at 50 and at Renaissance Academy we welcome you to join the growing community that are hunger for knowledge, excitement, and new friendships.